Fabricación Dobladoras de perfiles y tuberías Dobladora de perfil hidráulico HPB 240-300


Dobladora de perfil hidráulico HPB 240-300

Digital display for the side roller positions
3 rollers are driven by hydraulic motors and planetary gear
Horizontal or vertical orientation of the machine
2 hydraulically adjustable bottom rollers
Hardened shafts from special steel
HPB SeriesUnitHPB 240HPB 300
  9.5’’ shaft Ø 11.8” shaft Ø
Shaft diameter mm Ø 240 (9.5’’) Ø300 (11.8”)
Roll Diameter mm Ø 640 (25.4’’) Ø800 (31.5”)
Main drive motor kW 37 (50 Hp) 73 (100 Hp)
Bending speed m / min 2–4 (78–160”/min) 2–4 (78–160”/min)
Dimensions (L/W/H) mm 3100x2400x3200 (122x95x126’’) 4000x4300x3300 (158x170x130”)
Weight kg 16000 (35273.6 lbs) 40000 (88,000 lbs)

Modular hardened bending rolls
Sturdy welded steel construction
Mobile control panel
2 bending speeds
Tool kit
Digital display (2 axis)
Hydraulic guide rollers adjustable in 3 axis
Operation manual
Special dies
Variable speed
Oil/air cooling
NC EasyView control

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