Cutting Plasma and Oxygen Cutting Machines ProCut Plasma Cutting Machine


ProCut Plasma Cutting Machine

Proven Quality…

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is designed for high speed and precision cutting with high power servo motors and helical rack ayer
Small holes, excellent internal and external contours: Precision Contour Cutting is a revolutionary breakthrough in black sheet plasma cutting.

Advanced Mechanical Design…

The ProCut Plasma Cutting Machine is designed for heavy duty work and is equipped with Hypertherm's Windows-based CNC. In addition, multi-station provides both plasma and oxygen cutting.

Excellent Cutting Quality…

With its robust construction, 35mm slide and rack system, dual AC Servo motors that provide excellent parallel motion and other components, ProCut increases productivity by minimizing operating costs.

Windows based Hypertherm MicroEdge Pro CNC unit
17 ”touch screen
Automatic torch height control system
3D crash protection system against impact
Axis positioning accuracy ± 0.02 mm
Axis positioning speed 20 m / min.
Automatic ventilation and evacuation system
Plate marker adjustment with laser pointer
Multiple torch application
High loading capacity cutting machine for Oxy cutting
Stop / Resume during cutting (eg power failure)
Remote access
Automatic gas console
Oxygen Cutting Torch
Pipe Cutting: kesim30x500mm pipe cutting
Pipe Cutting: 40x40mm - 200x200mm square profile cutting
Automatic Placement Program: LoyalNest
Automatic Placement Program: Pronest LTS
Automatic Placement Program: Pronest LT
Automatic Placement Program: Pronest
Automatic Insertion Program: Lantek Expert Cut
Filter: 4000 m³
Filter: 8000 m³
Filter: 12000 m³
Drawer system: Quick and easy table cleaning thanks to drawers placed on the right / left side, easy to remove falling parts
True Hole technology: HPRXD power unit, automatic gas console and Nesting required
Hypertherm Edgepro CNC
Automatic Angle Cutting
Manual Angle Cutting

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