Sawing Double Column SWD-O 550 Automatic Double Column Band-Saw


SWD-O 550 Automatic Double Column Band-Saw

Fully automatic Linear Way for cutting solid stocks, tubes and profiles of steel, cast-iron light and nonferrous material for cutting at only 90°. Complete steel fabricated. The rear jaw contains a number of hardened rollers driven through a worm and wheel by an electric motor. The front vice consists of a number of free running rollers. A limit switch assembled on top the vice stops the machine when the block is exhausted. Once the workpiece is clamped between the rollers no further clamping is needed. The work is fed through the vice to the bar stop which contains a micro-switch controlling the bar feed motor. A piece counter controls the number of the cuts. The machines stop automatically at the blade breakage. The machines are fitted with a removable coolant tank incorporating a submerged electric coolant pump which supplies coolant to both guide assemblies. Bi-Metal saw blade, Chips Conveyor and 1,2 meters in feed roller table are supplied as standard.

Technical Specifications
Capacity 90º Round mm 550
Capacity 90º Square mm 550
Capacity 90º Rectangle mm 550X550
Band Dimensions mm 6180X41X1.3
Boron Oil Depot lt 30
Hydraulic Storage lt 20
Blade Speed m/min 0-60
Main Motor kw 4.0
Cutting Speed m/min 20-100
Hydraulic Motor kw 1.1
Bor Oil Motor kw 0.09
Conveyor Motor kw 0.44
Working Height mm 650
Lenght mm 1900
Width mm 1100
Height mm 1500
Weight kg 2150

Hydraulic Vise
Hydraulic Blade Tension
Chips Conveyor
1.2 Meter Roller Table
2º​ Inclined Blade
Chip Brush
Micro Spray
Hydraulic Top Clamping
3M Roller Table
3M Motorized Roller Table
PLC Control

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