Sawing Pivot SWM 270 Manual Horizontal Band-Saw


SWM 270 Manual Horizontal Band-Saw

Manual double miter for cutting profiles and solid material in steel and non-ferrous material and an excellent price-performance ratio
Manual saw frame raising on the cut end
Double speed motor 1.0/1.3 KW Gearbox
Sensitive cutting pressure regulation function of the material properties
Hydraulic-mechanical belt tension
Tape guide with hard metal pads sheets and rolls
Thermal overload protection and no-volt release
Automatic shut-off after cut end
Automatic belt break protection Driven
Technical Specifications
Capacity 90o Round & Square mm 270
Capacity 90o Rectangle mm 270x350
Capacity 45o Round & Square mm 230
Capacity 45o Rectangle mm 230x270
Capacity 60o Round & Square mm 150
Capacity 60o Rectangle mm 150x270
Band Dimensions mm 3120x27x0.9
Boron Oil Depot lt 30
Hydraulic Storage lt 15
Blade Speed (m/dk) m/min 40-80
Main Motor kw 1.0/1.3
Cutting Speed m/min 40-80
Hydraulic Motor kw 0.75
Bor Oil Motor kw 0.09
Feeding Height mm 800
Length mm 1650
Width mm 810
Height mm 1500
Weight kg 490

Height Adjustment Switch
Coolant Pump
Double Control Panel
Material Limit Shaft
Hydromecanic Blade Tension
Security Switch

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